I have been working in the industrial industry for some time now and I know that there are some awful stories about people who suffer from workplace incidents. Workplace related incidents are likely to occur to anyone who works really long hours in dangerous conditions. Dark workplaces, places where workers have shifts that are too long, and do not have proper fire or hazardous waste protections are all examples of circumstances you want to avoid in a workplace. Not only do you as a worker yourself want to keep protected, employers need to be protected as well. One huge lawsuit could ruin a business, and the business owners reputation. There are career ending mistakes here. You need to be sure that when you work with a factory, you work safely. People die every year in the hundreds due to unsafe working conditions. Most of the deaths globally occur in places with poor regulations and poorly structured social support systems in place. Places like Bangladesh and parts of India are known to have rampant problems when it comes to these sorts of issues. The reason behind this is that often the government was so corrupt that they do not care about the health or quality of life of the poor people who live there.

Some ways to encourage safe work spaces all over the world are as follows:

Make sure you know your employees medical history. Requiring medical information and regular checkups is an important part of any industrial or large company. You want to make sure that people’s health is good and the insurance is up to date. Medical concerns are no joke, you dont want an employee dying on the floor of your office. I had a co-worker who always wore emergency diabetic jewelry. This allowed the coworker the peace of mind so that if she ever went into a diabetic shock or coma, the health officials saving this person would know what to treat her for. It also looked great!

I have looked through all sorts of different alternatives for keeping medical illnesses info available on me due to my fibromialgia. I have thought about getting a tattoo but I wonder whether people or doctors would known to look for the tags on my writs or wherever the tattoo might be. Some people get their health info placed on a card in their wallet. Overall, I still think the best option is an interchangeable diabetes bracelet.

This is why I always try to use these safety precautions- you never know when you might have a medical emergency.